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Engagement rings

Engagement rings

We specialise in engagement rings.

Diamonds on Vesting in Antwerp specialises in engagement rings. We have a wide range of rings available that you can select from, but we are also perfectly happy to create your engagement ring, tailored to your wishes and tastes.

You always have a reflection period when you select an engagement ring from our stock, and you can exchange your rings if you find they are not the perfect match for you. Moreover, we do not charge for resizing or engraving.

Diamonds on Vesting will give you the engagement ring of your dreams.

Diamonds on Vesting - Juweler Antwerp - Engagement rings
Diamonds on Vesting - Juweler Antwerp - Engagement rings
Diamonds on Vesting - Juweler Antwerp - Engagement rings

From your imagination to your engagement ring

We talk with you

You pop into Diamonds on Vesting with a design in mind and tell us what you expect. We use that information to ask you specific questions, and finally we arrive at a design that reflects your wishes.

Choice of precious metal, budget and delivery period

We also discuss your choice of precious metal, which will always be hypoallergenic, and then set the budget and the delivery period. Depending on the design, it takes two to four weeks on average to craft diamond rings.

3D drawing

When you order an item from Diamonds on Vesting, you can also view a 3D drawing of your engagement ring.

The diamond

We will also discuss the colour and quality of the diamond with you, down to the finest details. Certified diamond cutter par excellence Vahé Abadjian personally selects each diamond, first focussing on the colour, then the way it can be cut and finally the clarity.

Crafting the ring

While in recent years 3D technology and microscopes for setting have been used to create engagement rings, handcrafting is still unavoidable for some creations. We are experts in both methods and always deliver perfect results, no matter what you want.

Lifetime guarantee

All jewellery that leaves Diamonds on Vesting receives a certificate of authenticity, and if a manufacturing fault ever appears the item will be repaired free of charge.

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